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I am the father of Zach McGehee, and I wanted to express our appreciation for the sincere dedication you and your staff devoted to my son Zach, over the past two years, truly assisting him develop physically and mentally and preparing him to play and compete in high school football at the highest level. Together with your expertise and training regiment, assessing his strengths and weaknesses and developing and conditioning him, Zach was able to compete at such a high level of play in high school, that he was able to assist his high school football team (Livingston High School, Livingston, NJ) in winning their first ever Section 1, Group IV, State Championship this past football season, 2008.

Because of your sincere, one on one training, together with his high school coaches, Zach completed his senior year of high school with the following accolades which were awarded to him at the conclusion of his Fall 2008 High School Football Season: New Jersey High School Football, “Offense - First Team All-Conference”, “First Team All-County”, “First Team ALL-STATE”, and “NJ Group IV Player of the Year.” Truly a remarkable year, with a significant portion of Zach’s success owed to you.

We are truly convinced if it weren’t for what you did for Zach training him and mentoring him and treating him like your brother, he would not have had the success he had nor would he be prepared for the next level. For this, we are grateful for what you did for him. Zach has since graduated high school (Livingston High School, Livingston, NJ, class of 2009) and has been recruited to play D1 football (FCS Division) for Coastal Carolina University, located in Conway, South Carolina. Zach is well under way, settled in college, now competing for a starting spot as a “true freshman.” One of Zach’s dreams was to be able to make a significant contribution to his high school team with hopes of continuing to play football at the highest level he can beyond high school. Jon, you and your staff truly helped him make his dream come true and we know that if it weren’t for the expertise in Exercise Science and Kinesiology and the personal one on one mentoring you devoted to him that Zach would not have become the well rounded young man he is today. So, thank you very much, Jon One last thing Jon, Zach said, when he has the chance to come home, he plans on continuing to work with you and your staff keeping him conditioned to compete at his highest level.

- Jeff McGehee

Zach’s Father

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I am a 58 year old female whose main objective in life is to never look or feel my age. This goal became clear to me after I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. After extensive surgery and months of rehab, my physical and mental health were weak and very unstable. My physician recommended I work with a trainer in order to improve my strength. I began training wnd with hard work and determination my physical and mental health were greatly improved. But I found myself wanting more.

That's when I met Jon and my life changed. His unique approach to training has kept me motivated and physically challenged with obvious results. I've lost 20 lbs of fat and gained the same back in muscle over the last few years. I work in the service industry and my appearance is very important. I consistantly receive compliments from customers which boosts my moral and proves my hard work is paying off. Working with Jon always leaves you wanting more. He gives me inner strength to believe I can improve with hard work and perseverance. I've never looked or felt so good.

- Joanne Gilbert

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When I started training with Jon about 4 years ago I was coming off of a badly injured foot and had gone from being a professional athlete, to hardly being able to walk properly. Jon evaluated my injury, posture, muscle development and movements, picking out all the negatives that he had seen. I worked with Jon for months rehabbing my foot and leg and making all my negative points stronger.

Not long after training with Jon i began to see positive results and started to move normal again. After a few months with Jon, I had not only come back completely from my injury, but was stronger that before I was hurt. My body felt great, and i was more physically fit than ever in my career. Jon is the most well-rounded trainer that I have ever had the privilege of working with.

- Gary Gibson
Defensive Tackle
Rutgers University 2000-2005
Baltimore Ravens 2005-2006
Carolina Panthers 2007-2008
St.Louis Rams 2009

My name is Roger Varvaro. I have always played sports and was working out with weights and exercising on my own the last 7 years. I was told by a friend about Jon Chipko and started training with him this year (Jan 2008).

All I can say is "WOW" it is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life! My balance, coordination, energy level, and core strength has improved tremendously! I look forward to each session because it is never boring, always changing and always innovative. Jon has 100’s of different techniques (drills) to work each and every part of your body. In just 4 months my postures better, no aches or pains (especially back), and I am much more flexible (I can touch my toes again and hit my drives (golf) 20 yards longer!

Jon is an expert at knowing how to get the most out of each individual, pushing them not to the point of injury but to reach their maximum potential. I have gone through 2 herniated disc (neck) surgeries over 10 years. I just turned 55 and Jon has motivated me with a great training program that has made me feel better, stronger, and more flexible than I have in over 20 years! Jon thanks for your attention, focus, and motivation to bring out the best in me!

- Roger Varvaro

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I began working with Jon about 12 weeks out from my first competition of the 2008 season. At the time, I was experiencing some chronic lower back pain, which was greatly hindering my ability to train for my competition. It seemed that nothing was helping with the pain, and finally a friend at the gym suggested that I meet with Jon.

From my very first meeting with him, it was clear to me that Jon's approach was different than anyone I had ever worked with, and within a week, my back pain was nearly gone. In addition to "fixing" my back pain (which actually had nothing to do with my back, but moreso with my over worked hip flexors and lack of core strength/stability), Jon was also able to pinpoint other structural/functional weaknesses and put together a program of exercises/stretches to address and correct these weaknesses. 

I was so impressed with the results that I decided to continue to train with Jon a few times per week to improve my strength, agility and conditioning level for my fitness routines. His training sessions are like nothing I've ever done before and he has me doing things I never thought I could do. And although he pushes me to the limit, his first priority is always proper form and technique. No matter what I train, every time I leave Body Goals I always feel like I have accomplished something. In my first competition of the 2008 season, I ended up placing 3rd out of 25 competitors and qualified to compete at the Fitness Olympia in which I placed top 10. I know that I would not have been able to accomplish this without Jon's help and I am truly grateful for everything he has done.

-Erin Riley

IFBB Pro Fitness Competitor
2007 Bev Francis Atlantic States- 1st place
2007 NPC Team Universe- 2nd place *earned pro-card
2007 Atlantic City Pro Fitness- 6th place
2008 Houston Pro Fitness- 3rd place *qualified for Fitness Olympia

My name is Jeffrey Rempell and I am a 65 year old dentist. I have been a client and friend of Jon’s for 6 years. I started with Jon because I had been having persistant back and shoulder pain for years, which I attributed to my profession. Jon has helped me to eliminate the day to day stiffness and discomfort I used to suffer. I am still not an athlete, but by strengthening my core muscles and increasing my flexibility, I no longer have back and shoulder pain. I feel better about my body and myself. Although I will never be in a strongman competition or on a varsity team, I can whole heartedly recommend training with Jon to everyone because he can make your body feel better and healthier than you ever imagined.

- Dr. Jeffrey Rempell

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I have been training with weights for over 20 years. The past 7 years I have been competing as a Professional Strongman. And I have 5 top ten finishes in a 5 year period in the USA Strongman Professional National Championships. In 2003, I placed 6th at the US Nationals and was the 1st Alternate to go to the Worlds Strongest Man in South Africa that Year. So, I thought I knew a lot about lifting weights, building strength and how my body works. At the 2006 Nationals, I had injured my hand in the 1st event of eight events. I had to tape both my hands into hooks to be able to load two Atlas stones weighing 300 and 330lbs each. The 360lbs stone was too much for me to load with just one hand. Trying to load stones onto a 6 foot high platform with only one hand is not my idea of fun. My hand was useless that weekend and for the next 6 months. I could not hold on to anything, no matter what exercises or stretches I tried it would not heal. I had constant pain and tingling in that hand. I even had trouble holding my newborn baby daughter.

Within 5 minutes of working with Jon Chipko, he had figured out that the problem was not my hand or even my forearm. It was my shoulder. Something that had caused me pain for over 9 months, Jon was able to figure out in 5 minutes. And the strength in that hand was 100% and pain free within 3 weeks of first working with Jon. I bought into Jon’s methods and advice right there.

Fast forward to July 2007, I competed in The USA vs. The World, Strongman Invitiational where I was a member of the victorious Team USA. In one of the events, I had to clean and press a 330lb 12inch diameter log overhead as many times as possible. I was able to do 5 reps. Without Jon’s help, I would not have been able to hold onto the log for 1 rep.

Thanks, Jon. I look forward to working with you in the future. After all, we all know how destructive strongman is on the body.

- Walt Gogola
ASC/IFSA Heavyweight Professional Strongman

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I first met Jon in the spring of 2007 after I decided I had enough with my shoulder and lower back hurting me. After my first visit Jon was able to see I had imbalances in my body and designed a stretching/pre workout exercise program to correct my imbalances, they came to me to be known as "correctives." I do these daily to help strengthen my core, and stretch my muscles to prevent injury before I workout. I was 225 at a relatively moderate body fat at the time. Jon worked with me on weekly basis for a few months teaching me to Squat, bench, shoulder press and dead lift correctly without pain.

Next I started getting ready for a bodybuilding show. I met with Jon once or twice a week during the prep to train with him to help me look my best for that show. Jon also at this point taught me the importance of eating healthier and staying leaner in the off season to making dieting easier. Then Jon invited me to train with his strongman group. Training with the group, I learned to incorporate strongman training into my everyday bodybuilding training. After seeing myself change so much in only a few months I decided to ask Jon to take full control of all aspects of my contest prep for Jr. Nationals. This time not only would he be training with me one on one, but he would also be in charge of my nutrition and cardio. Knowing what I was able to accomplish in so little time with him I had no doubts in his ability as an advisor. I started my contest diet at 210 at a much lower bodyfat than where I started the previous time, but still with a long way to go.

Jon had me diet for 14 weeks and monitored me very closely. He would plan my week of eating, cardio and training based on how my pictures looked and how I looked posing. At the end of 14 weeks I stepped on stage at 175 pounds with excellent conditioning. The previous show I had done in November I competed at 163lbs and 7 months later, in June I competed 12 pounds heavier, looking noticeably thicker in my upper body as well as having quad striations for the first time.

Without Jon’s keen eye I would not have achieved the level of conditioning and thickness I displayed. He is very knowledgeable about nutrition, training and supplementation. His guidance made the prep for the show so much easier knowing that I didn't have to worry about what to do as Jon was able to tell me exactly what to do to look my best. I look forward to continuing to work with him to improve my strength and build my best physique possible.

- Jeff Conway
NPC National Level Competitor
NAS Strongman Competitor

My husband and I have been training with Jon for one year now, and what a year it’s been! It started last Christmas when my husband wondered into Bodygoals to see what it was all about. Knowing how unhappy I was with the state of my physical condition, he thought a screening would make a good Christmas present. He also got on board and away we go.

I am a 48 year old dentist and have been practicing for 20 years. The nature of my profession does not only twist my body in all the wrong ways while working but is also filled with the stress of running my own practice and keeping my five employees happy. This combination and not putting time into myself left me 60 pounds overweight and unable to move my body in the way nature intended.

My husband is 46 and works for PSEG. The nature of his work is both physically and mentally demanding. He was caught in a busy work schedule and forgot about putting his mind and body first.

We started working out with Jon in January 2008 and the benefits could fill a book. I have not only lost 50 pounds but my body is strong and flexible and looks 20 years younger. I followed Jon’s training program and diet program. The results are amazing. I feel younger, my health has improved and most important Jon has given me my life back.

My husband has lost 40 pounds and has gained his youthful strength back. His medical results are amazing. He no longer takes blood pressure , cholesterol, and triglyceride medication. He takes no medication at all. The power of Jon’s workout and guidance has healed his body and made it what nature intended. It is amazing to think of how we can become healthy through this program and not have to be on a life time of drugs. Doctors are so quick to write a prescription. If only they could write one for this program, people would be much healthier.

Jon’s knowledge of the body is extensive. His knowledge of nutrition and the musculoskeletal system puts you at ease in knowing you are in very good hands. He gives you a feeling of safety in knowing what ever he is asking you to do is something you are capable of and will benefit you. He is committed to you and your health. As I have said before: Just do what ever he says and the results will be amazing
In the past year we have never done the same workout twice. Each time we go to the gym it is some new challenge, some new way to improve our strength and health and 30 minutes three times weekly is something anyone can fit into their lives. If you are reading this, you owe it to yourself to be the best you can be. Bodygoals can do that for you!

Thank you Jon for being there. We look forward to our future with a lifetime of gratitude to you.

- Andrea Lisowski, DMD, and Marc Kotocavage

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After starting my weight loss on national tv with The Biggest Loser I had to continue at home on my own. Despite what people may think, I had very little instruction on the ranch, I was basically given a calorie range and told to "workout." I have a tendency to do things to the excess (how else would you explain a starting weight of 262?) and had started doing six hours of cardio a day on 1200 or less calories a day. I had a simple case of "if I lose weight when I work out and cut calories then more exercise and NO food will melt the pounds off" thinking going on. Not only did I get stuck at the same weight of 168 for weeks I started to lose my hair and was covered in bruises- I know I looked incredibly sexy.

This is the point where a friend of mine introduced me to Jon, I know this will sound cliche' but not only did he help me win $50,000 dollars by being the woman with the highest weight loss ever in the shows history, but he saved my life. I had gotten to a point where I was actually AFRAID of food and cried when I had to eat. Jon put me on a healthy diet and training program that not only taught me how to eat right again but took 24 more pounds off me in the 5 weeks I had left until my final weigh-in. Instead of endless hours of damaging and exhausting cardio I learned how important lifting is to a training regimen. 

Amazingly, Jon and I accomplished this all via email and phone since I was in Alaska and he was in NJ! I hope to reach 131 in the near future and keep that weight with a healthy lifestyle as facilitated by Jon and Body Goals!!!

- Kai 

"The Biggest Loser" runner-up

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I first met Jon on the advice of my trainer to teach me some simple yet effective stretching techniques before my first figure competition. After a quick assessment Jon was able to point out weaknesses in my abdominals and tightness in my hipflexors that had been somewhat hindering my training. I started incorporating his stretches into my workouts and while noticed improvements I really didn't think we'dneed to meet any further.

Fast forward a few months and one dislocated right shoulder later, and Jon was summoned again. After reviewing my x-rays he directed me on how to properly handle the healing process. I was instructed on everything from how long to wear my sling when to ice, and length of time before starting strengthening stretches/exercises. I was impatient but Jon was methodical and firm never letting me rush ahead or deviate from his plan. As frustrating as injuries are and as tedious as rehab can be, Jon really made my recovery much easier then I had anticipated.

Jon's professionalism and acute knowledge of the human body really put him a step above others in his field. I would recommend Jon and BODYGOALS to anyone without hesitation.

- Maria Kapinos
National Level Figure Competitor
Fitness Model

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I have known Jon Chipko since I was really little; I remember thinking that this guy was "Big" and I better listen to him.

When I was in the 6th grade my parents signed me up for the Rec. Wrestling program in my town, I didn’t know anything about wrestling but I wanted to try it, as it turns out I wasn’t very good but I really liked it. I had some really great coaches who encouraged me to stay with it, and I haven’t stopped wrestling since.

In June of this year I was scheduled to attend wrestling camp at The College of NJ (TCNJ) with my High School team and I wanted to wrestle 103, the only problem was that I weighed around 113 pounds. I had just started to really training with Jon but now I knew I needed to do something and I didn’t have a lot of time. Within 3 weeks Jon had changed my meal plan and daily work outs and I dropped the weight, when I got to camp, I made the weight and looked and I felt great. I wound up doing very good at camp that week, winning 14 out of 18 matches; I had so much energy and wrestled so well that I surprised even myself, and to say the least my coaches and team mates were very happy with me, but I don’t think anyone was more surprised then me and my parents.

Today I am a currently training with Jon 2 days a week to get ready for my sophomore year, and now with all of the new requirements and guide lines for hydration I want to make sure that I do everything right. Last year I wrestled in the 103 pound varsity spot and earned my letter as a freshman which I am very proud of, I had a good season but I want to do better. I want to be a great wrestler this year, I am older, and feel stronger than I ever have. I know that with Jon’s program and my determination and my parents support I will do it! 

My goals for this year are to get stronger and condition right so that when I am on the mat I can stay focused on what’s important--winning, for my team, and for myself.

I know with Jon’s help I can accomplish anything that I put my mind to.

- Ryan Romanchak (RJ)

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I met Jon almost 15 years ago. I have to admit I was quite skeptical of his radical ways of training, But after a few workouts with him, I was sore in places I didn't know existed. He not only concentrated on large muscle groups, but also on the small ones and joints and tendons to make sure they were strong and able to handle the weight to alleviate future injury.

I am a national level bodybuilder and professional powerlifter and have had the opportunity to meet many top notch trainers and coaches and Jon by far has exceeded them all and helped me the most.

- Elena Seiple
2008 NPC National Light-Heavyweight 1st Place (Pro Card)
2006 NPC Nationals Lightweight 2nd Place
2005 NPC USA's Light Heavyweight 2nd Place
2004 NPC Nationals Light Heavyweight 2nd Place
2004 IPA Strength Spectacular Best Lifter & 1st Place in the 165 lb class totaling 1255: 500 squat, 285 Bench, 470 Dead
2003 NPC Nationals Middleweight 3rd Place
2002 NPC Nationals Middleweight 4th Place

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I have been working with Jon for sometime now, and have experienced gains I never thought were possible! I came to him with several areas of my fitness and strength desperately needing attention, not too mention a fast approaching deadline. He embraced all the challenges ahead, and we began working diligently week by week. Each week I felt like I was becoming stronger and stronger. During my training rides, I was climbing faster, descending quicker, and cleaning technical sections like never before.

Jon has taken me from average, to the elite rider that I am today. I am where I am today because of Jon, and his innovative techniques. His sessions provide much more than just strength and conditioning. He is a great motivator, and helps build great mental toughness, character, and builds confidence. He knows what it takes to win, and provides his clients with all the tools needed to achieve greatness.

Each time you leave BodyGoals you are stronger than the last time. If you put the hard work in, the results have no choice but to come. Thank you again Jon, for your knowledge, experience, and patience. When I came to BodyGoals, I knew you were the only man for the job, and you have proven to be one of the most intricate pieces to my success puzzle!

- Ryan F. Mc Cullough
Ultra-Endurance Mountain Bike Racer
2001 Junior PGA Champion
Competitive Surfer

As an aging baby boomer (now 65) I have come to be acutely aware of how important health and fitness are, not only for longevity but, also, for enhanced quality of life and energy level. Over 6 years ago, I began working out with Jon to improve my strength, balance and posture. Soon thereafter, a 40-year-old knee injury required a total knee replacement. I needed to be able to go right back to my busy work schedule and to resume my recreational activities. My hard work andJon's guidance enabled me to have my surgery in October and go skiing 3 months later.

My program consists of working out in the early morning 3 days a week, working the whole body each day, and paying close attention to stretching and strengthening the muscles surrounding my new knee. Jon constantly corrects my posture and form to fix any imbalances and prevent future ones. Our workouts are never boring or routine. Jon is always adding something challenging and new to meet my needs and to keep me interested. Jon has an uncanny knack of creating simple yet challenging exercises that have surprising results.

I have come to depend on Jon and acutely miss our workouts whenever I must travel for business. From my standpoint, Jon is the best trainer and conditioning coach with whom I have worked, and I recommend him highly, without reserve.

- Jeff Lorell, Esq.

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Having known Jon for about 14 years now, he has helped me in many ways in attaining my goals in bodybuilding and powerlifting. He has helped me put together and alter my offseason as well as contest diets, and informed me on numerous supplements to help me. Even though we rarely get to train together, any time I do it is one of the toughest workouts I can go through and I am thoroughly sore the next day. Jon has introduced me to many new exercises to bring up lagging bodyparts that I continue to incorporate into my regular workouts. This has both improved my physique for bodybuilding and increased my strength in powerlifting.

Having Jon's expertise in nutrition, supplementation, and training has been a great help in me attaining the goals that I have reached.

- Chris Perticari
NPC bodybuilder
NAS Strongman Competitor
2006 Winner Lightweight Garden State Strongman Classic
2005 Junior Nationals 2nd place Heavyweight Division
2001 New Jersey State Overall Champ
2001 Suburban Overall Champ
2002 Golds Classic Overall Champ
2nd place, 275lb class, 1925lb total 2004 Nazareth Barbell Strength Spectacular

My daughter means more to me than life. So when she experienced an injury to her knee during field hockey practice, I panicked. She is extremely advanced in the sport for a 10 year old (with a lot of promise for the future) and when her knee was injured 2 years ago, I felt fearful of her future in field hockey. Little did I know that all the help we needed was in our own backyard. Jon of BodyGoals came to our rescue...not only assessing the situation but also making the necessary medical appointments she needed...and we were in the next day to see the doctor. They also fit her for a brace and delivered it to the training facility when it arrived.

Over the past years, BodyGoals has been an ever present force in keeping my child healthy. Not only are they there for us (and all the other athletes in our program) in emergency situations, their strength training and stretching knowledge have helped my daughter become a stronger and better player. BodyGoals is available to us 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Just recently, Jon called me from vacation to check on a situation involving my daughter's back... now THAT is what I call service. What makes them stand out above the rest... they really do care about these kids. BodyGoals not only provides a safety net in the event of injury... they can also give your child the edge that will put him/her ahead of the competition.

BodyGoals helps produce and maintain winners! Our partnership with them will continue as long as my child participates in athletics.

- Pamela C. Logan


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I’ve been training with Jon since 1999, and I don’t think he realizes the difference he continually makes in my physical health. He is beyond knowledgeable when it comes to the proper workout; he coaches in a way that makes you feel tough at your weakest point. Jon takes it beyond sweat and exercise; his vast knowledge on nutrition and water intake is the perfect compliment. Water and lunges, those are two of Jon’s favorite things! He has trained me through numerous injuries and illnesses, and as an open-heart surgery survivor it’s comforting to have his skills used in my best interest. He even caters to my husband and children, always ready with a solution to whatever twist or sprain that comes our way. He is a walking example of good health, positive attitude and strength; patient yet firm when it comes to reaching a goal.

I’m really grateful to be training with him.

- Beth Bacall
Radio air personality